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This is a book about Elizabeth Taylor by Ellis Amburn and it's title says all
                              "The most beautiful woman in the world"


The obsessions, passions, and courage of
Elizabeth Taylor

My copy has been given to me by Nathaniel Hawks from:
Cliff Street/HarperCollins, publishers of this book.

The book is good it has 310 pages about Elizabeth Taylor and the information was researched from several sources, including people who knew Elizabeth, the author himself had the chance to meet her.

There are many interesting facts that I didn't know about Liz Taylor I suppose they're true but the actress has the last word about them.

For fans like me it's always interesting to know certain things of our favorite movie stars and what I liked the most was that you can read about the parties, the gifts, the relationships, the problems and everything about her.

Since I'm not a book critic and I don't have the least notion about being critical of books or movies my rate to this book is excellent for the info and it's presentation it includes pictures, not many but most of them never seen before, well at least I have never seen them before the chapter that I enjoyed the most was its second about her relationship with Monty Clift, and my conclusion is that this book is worthy of being read by you.

Alejandro Andrade C.
Elizabeth Taylor Tribute