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Francis Albert Sinatra: December 12, 1915 - May 14, 1998.

He was possibly the best singer in the world, he gave many things to popular music and acting too, specially in 3 movies: "From Here to Eternity", "The Man with the Golden Arm" and "The Manchurian Candidate".

"The chairman of the board" was known in the whole world and his music is now a treasure.


frank.JPG 40k: wearing a hat

frank2.JPG 26k: wearing a tuxedo

frank3.JPG 34k: black & white portrait

frank4.JPG 24k: another portrait

frank5.JPG 34k: sitting in the sets of Anchors aweigh

frank11.JPG 21k: publicity picture

frank12.JPG 29k: the young Frank

frank13.JPG 12k: Bob Hope,John Wayne,Ronald Reagan,Dean Martin and Frank

frank14.JPG 39K: a classic singing wearing a white smoking

frank15.JPG 17k: in the studio

frank20.JPG 41k: toasting with Bing and Grace Kelly

frank21.JPG 18k: a duet with Elvis

frank22.JPG 23k: shaking the hand of the queen of England

frank23.JPG 24k: 2 kings of music Frank and Luciano


My way in real audio

The song "Come blow your horn"

Maggio's death dialogue

An intro of one of his songs

Another introduction

A wallpaper of Frank

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Elizabeth Taylor Tribute  2000