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This is the first gallery of Liz Taylor's photos from my personal collection

Last 3 pictures are new (updated 5/11/08)

liz1.JPG 33k: with Paul Newman

liz2.JPG 53k: a tender one with her puppy

liz3.JPG 21k: nice picture in black & white

liz4.JPG 30k: beautiful picture

liz5.JPG 54k: caring her horse

liz6.JPG 21k: from Cleopatra

liz87.JPG 23k: Liz with Glen Davis

liz8.JPG 22k: beautiful picture

liz88.JPG 102k: teenager

liz11.JPG 26k: in the circus

liz12.JPG 38k: her first wedding

liz13.JPG 23k: an actual picture

cleopatra.JPG 67k: one of my favs

cleopatra1.JPG 47k: with Burton in the sets of Cleopatra

cleopatra2.JPG 36k: another from Cleopatra

lizmonty1.JPG 24k: A place in the sun

lizmonty2.JPG 56k: Elizabeth Taylor and Monty Clift playing pool

dametaylor.bmp 450k: with the Queen of England

taylortan.bmp 1.43MB: a beautiful sun tan

doll.bmp 498k: a doll for sale at


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Elizabeth Taylor Tribute  2008