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This section of my page is a gallery dedicated to Liz & Richard.

Any picture contribution for this gallery or the others will be appreciated


Aa4.JPG 252k: courtesy of Rafael Jimenez

Aa.jpg 82k: another one from Rafael Jimenez

Aa2.jpg 126k: spectacular picture the last contribution of Rafael Jimenez

These three are courtesy of Rita from Finland and are posted here to celebrate Elizabeth's 70th anniversary

kuva4.jpg 29k

kuva5.jpg 26k

kuva6.jpg 34k

The following pictures are from my own collection.

liz31.JPG 27k

liz47.JPG 41k

liz73.JPG 111k

liz80.JPG 77k

cleopatra1.JPG 46k

lizric1.JPG 14k

lizric3.JPG 35k

lizric4.JPG 13k

lizric5.JPG 22k

lizric7.JPG 14k

lizric9.JPG 24k

lizric23.JPG 68k

lizric24.JPG 47k

lizric25.JPG 28k

lizric26.JPG 75k

lizric27.JPG 16k

lizric28.JPG 46k

lizric29.JPG 58k

lizric30.JPG 29k

lizric31.JPG 26k

lizric32.JPG 59k

liz99.JPG 39k

liz100.JPG 13k

liz101.JPG 21k

liz102.JPG 13k

liz103.JPG 29k

lizric33.JPG 18k

lizric34.JPG 46k

lizric35.JPG 23k

lizric36.JPG 16k

lizric37.jpg 15k

lizric38.jpg 30k

lizric39.jpg 35k

lizric40.jpg 16k

lizric41.jpg 22k


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Elizabeth Taylor Tribute  2008