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            Edward Montgomery Clift: October 17, 1920- July 23, 1966

One of the best actors of all time even though he showed his wonderful acting style in less than 20 pictures but the talent was there in all those classics , great friend of Liz Taylor, in my humble opinion they made the greatest  couple that I've ever seen, I mean when they were together on screen everyone wanted to be Montgomery Clift to be opposite Liz Taylor and every women desired to be Liz Taylor to be in front of Clift.

Like many of the greatest people on history he simply doesn't fit in society, his behavior changed because of that terrible accident he suffered in 1957 but the actor was the same.

He left great movies and he was unique in those years despite that he wasn't an idol.


montgomery.JPG 35k: black & white picture

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clift25.jpg 38k: another portrait

lizmonty1.JPG 25k: A place in the sun

lizmonty2.JPG 38k: playing pool with Liz


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Elizabeth Taylor Tribute  2000