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   Elizabeth Taylor Tribute  



      Some videos featuring Elizabeth Taylor.

      " A place in the sun "  Montgomery Clift          Quicktime       1.16mb

    Movie          Starring by                                                 Format                                                        

      "Cleopatra"        Elizabeth Taylor & Rex Harrison         Quicktime      1.14mb

      "Boom"        Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton         Quicktime      1.14mb

      "The V.I.P.s." Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton       Quicktime      1.37mb

      "Cat on a hot tin Roof"     Elizabeth Taylor & Paul Newman    Quicktime      421kb

      "The rains of ranchipur"    Richard Burton &  Lana Turner        Quicktime      1.77mb

      "The robe"                        Richard Burton & Jean Simmons     Quicktime     1.22mb

If you want them I'll send them to you, all these videos are under the zip format.

      I'm not using these videos to earn any profits I'm using them only to show my admiration for all the people who made them possible.