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Elizabeth Taylor was born in London in 1932. now she is considered a living legend because of her actings skills, her stunning beauty and many ,many things through her life.

When she was only a little child her blue-violet eyes impressed everyone ,her mother was an actress before, she got married and she dropped her career, when she had her only daughter she encouraged Liz to be an actress too.

After castings she received the   opportunity to perform  in "There's one born every minute" certainly it was a small role, but it gave her the chance to get better roles like the one who rose her to stardom "National velvet".

In her late teens and when she was only 19 she starred in a decisive movie for her career "A place in the sun" opposite Montgomery Clift a young bright actor who had a contract  to approve the movies and directors he wanted, they became friends for a lifetime until his death in 1966.

By that time she was already married with Conrad Hilton, he was her first husband, since that movie she obtained better roles like "Cat on a hot tin roof" in that movie she gave us one of her most impressive performances.

Awards came later, she made wonderful pictures like "Butterfield 8","Who's afraid of virginia woolf" and since she had met Richard Burton her privacy was broken  because of that fabulous couple they made, and of course the movies and their success, but who would miss something about Liz Taylor & Richard Burton.

They became the most loved couple in the world they had highs and lows in their relationship but she grew up as an actress already an as a woman too.

She took times to act and times to rest her appearances are scarce now but she's still with us.


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Elizabeth Taylor Tribute  2008