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Like the first one this gallery has beautiful pictures but there are more galleries waiting for you


liz17.JPG 48k: a good one with Conrad Hilton

liz15.JPG 37k: Liz in her first years

liz16.JPG 22k: wearing a gorgeous red dress

liz20.JPG 28k: black & white,ready to ride

liz22.JPG 34k: Cleopatra in black & white

liz19.JPG 31k: riding a beautiful horse

liz24.JPG 14k: a tender smile

liz25.JPG 23k: smoking

liz26.JPG 36k: wearing her famous Krupp diamond

liz27.JPG 18k: Liz & Michael Jackson

liz28.JPG 24k: Liz & Larry Fortensky

mmjliz.jpg 23k: Liz & Michael Jackson again

liz31.JPG 27k: Liz & Richard Burton

liz37.JPG 42k: wearing a wonderful designer dress

liz38.JPG 23k: Liz receiving an award

liz39.JPG 12k: greeting the media

liz43.JPG 35k: white haired

liz44.JPG 16k: wearing an elegant jacket

liz46.JPG 36k: wonderful picture

liz47.JPG 41k: Liz & Richard in "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf"



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Elizabeth Taylor Tribute  2008