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This the fourth gallery of this site, but there are 2 more galleries, the fifth gallery is dedicated to Liz & Richard and the sixth has snapshots of Liz's movies


liz75.JPG 34k: Liz & Eddie Fisher in their wedding

liz76.JPG 93k: Liz wearing a beautiful bullfighter style blouse

liz78.JPG 46k: Liz & Monty in the sets of "A place in the sun"

liz79.JPG 53k: Liz, Mike Todd & Eddie Fisher

liz80.JPG 79k: One of the most beautiful pictures of Liz & Richard in Black & White

liz91.JPG 18k: Liz & John Warner on campaign

liz92.JPG 44k: Liz getting another award

lizpea.jpg 30k: Liz and the horse "Peanuts"

lizpra3.jpg 35k: Liz praying

liz95.JPG 15k: Portrait in black & white

liz96.JPG 47k: Promotional picture of her perfume

liz98.JPG 35k: During winter

avioleta1.jpg 62k

avioleta2.jpg 69k

liz3.jpg 226k

liz120.JPG 17k

liz121.JPG 26k

liz122.JPG 26k

liz123.JPG 49k

lizportrait.jpg 14k: "Liz" a painting by Rocco A. Pesce

liz200.JPG 68k: Black & white portrait

lizoscar.JPG 16k: Liz receiving an Oscar

lizoscardress.JPG 105k: The same picture above but with her dress in color on the left

lizt_bride.jpg 14k: This picture was taken from the web but it's one of my favorites

lizt_lassiehome_bigger.jpg 15k: This picture was taken from the web but it's one of my favorites

avioleta1.jpg 61k: One of my favorites too but this one is a courtesy of Rafael Jimenez from Spain

cleocostumes11-13.jpg 61k: Great picture courtesy of a fan

cleopatra10.jpg 18k: Kindly given by a fan

cleopatra4.jpg 31k: Another courtesy

et1.jpg 88k: This is now one of my faves

SellphotoTaylorE.jpg 44k: This picture was auctioned recently and it's another courtesy too

kuva1.jpg 19k: Great picture, courtesy of Rita from Finland

kuva2.jpg 20k: Another courtesy, Liz and her Oscar

kuva3.jpg 17k: Liz & Richard



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Elizabeth Taylor Tribute  2008